A Storage Haven | A Haven for the Have’s


A Storage HavenA Storage Haven is Chester County’s most private, yet easily accessible Self Storage Facility.  A must for those looking to keep their vehicles and/or possessions Safe, Secure, Dry, and away from prying eyes.

The facility has a huge area allotted for the storage of recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, and just about anything that may need a home of its own.

A Storage Haven is completely fenced in and has the property manager living on the premises, offering additional security and assistance, if needed. It’s cameras, strategically located, monitor the property 24/7 and each renter has his or her own personal access code to enter the gated area; which also activates and deactivates their assigned locker’s alarm.  All 140 storage lockers are located at ground level, for easy loading and unloading of your personal property.

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